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Order Food Free

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

There are no free lunches?

Thats not true you can order food free from Yes, it is true. Now you do not need to pay by credit card, net banking, cash, debit card etc. Keep your money with you.

How do i pay for food??

You can pay using your Imint rewards points.

Imint is India’s number one rewards management company. You can earn rewards from,, ICIC Credit Cards, HP Petrol pumps and many more.

Most of your rewards points die because you do not know how to use them or the process is complex enough and you lost your points.

Now you can use these reward points  on and pay for your food. you do not need to buy any vouchers.

Just visit , Select restaurant, Select food and pay directly by your imint account. is integrated with imint points gateway to redeem your points on the fly. So no more vouchers, due dates, points expire etc..

Best point is you earn rewards point even on redeeming them on So you earn from both the sides.

Try it today.

You can reach me on 91-120-4-BMK-BMK in case of any issue.

Love and Regards


World Environmental Day 2009

Friday, June 5th, 2009
Celebrating WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY June 5, 2009
Celebrating World Environmental Day Today,
Lets decide to do few easy things for our planate today!!

  1. SAVE PAPER, Do not print if not needed, use recycled paper,
  2. Request e-statement, e-bills for all your utility bills,
  3. If you can not plant a tree, give water so that they survive,
  4. Save oil, use CAR Pooling,
  5. Save water, do not waste it,
  6. Save Electricity, Switch off when not needed,
  7. Don’t use Plastic Bags, go back to Grand Mother reusable cloth bags,
  8. Categories your waste, and dispose-off properly,
  9. Use alternate Energy Source like Solar.

Let’s save our planet otherwise where our kids going to live??
So make your planet GREEN and keep eating using    

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